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As mid-August rolls around, Canadians from all corners of the country eagerly anticipate one of the most iconic events of the season – the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). The same traditions – entertainment, food, exhibits, and attractions – return with a few new added features to look forward to this year: SuperWheel: North America’s tallest travelling ferris wheel – at over 150 feet- is new to the CNE. Each air-conditioned pod seats four to six people. There’s even a VIP…

With a sprouting trend of healthy-eating, Basil Box blossoms as a Toronto fast-casual franchise, with the launch of their third location at the corner of Spadina. The restaurant offers customizable meals with a Thailand and Vietnamese twist using a concept inspired by – Ryerson alumni – owner Peter Chiu’s recent adventures to Southeast Asia, in awe of the daily grind of fresh produce being wheeled around in carts at the street market.

After the opening of Canada’s 2nd Smoke’s Burritorie restaurant in Canada half a year ago, they have rolled out more varieties of burritos available to order recently. They are conveniently located on the lower level of Smoke’s Poutinerie in the Entertainment District, where much of the interior is painted guacamole green.