As mid-August rolls around, Canadians from all corners of the country eagerly anticipate one of the most iconic events of the season – the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). The same traditions – entertainment, food, exhibits, and attractions – return with a few new added features to look forward to this year:

  • SuperWheel: North America’s tallest travelling ferris wheel – at over 150 feet- is new to the CNE. Each air-conditioned pod seats four to six people. There’s even a VIP black pod that also has a glass floor.
  • Drag Extravaganza: Drag Queen icons, Tynomi Banks, Mo Heart, Jan Sport, and Ivory Towers will take the stage with a fabulous performance at Bandshell Park on August 29th
  • Sparkling Symphony: Vegas-styled choreographed fountain show will be showcased daily at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, and 8pm at Lake Ontario. Be sure to check out the show at night as well, where bedazzling lights and lasers will be sure to complement the soaring splashes of water.
  • Echoes of Entertainment, A Concert History of the CNE – a photographic tour of musical artists’ past performances at the CNE.
  • The Pink Floyd Exhibition: A pristine museum of artifacts and memorabilia from the band through 1976 to the 2000’s.
  • Monster Compound Experience: Skateboard performances and a barbershop will be sure to send the crowd roaring at Bandshell Park.
  • Ice Skating and Acrobatic Show called “Time Flies”:  Elvis Stojko, three-time World Champion will be returning to the Coca-Cola Coliseum for the ice-skating show daily at 2pm and 5pm for a show highlighting the last decade.
  • Pristine Seas: National Geographic exhibit on marine wildlife conservation.
  • Cirque-tacular Spectacular: Aerial acrobatics, trampoline and gymnastics show
  • Selfie Hallway: An over-sized CNE foods, an  ft shimmer wall, a giant floral aquarium to take selfies in.

Other amazing feats returning this year include the Drone Show presented by VinFast (nightly at 10:15pm), Celebrity Kitchen Stage, SuperDogs, and Gaming Garage sponsored by Intel,  There are also the Snowbirds to look forward to, as they will close out the event at the Canadian International Air Show during Labour Day Weekend.

As we know it,  CNE puts the “ex” in EXtra as this year’s round up of extravagant foods. From classic deep-fried goodness, to oversized foods, and barbie-pink coloured desserts, something is bound to tickle your fancy. Check out the photos below for the rest of our food highlights this year.

Established in 1879, this annual fair has become a cherished tradition that brings together people of all ages to celebrate the diversity, culture, and innovation that make Canada unique. The CNE 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering an eclectic mix of fun that showcase the best of Canadian creativity and spirit. CNE opens Friday August 18th, and will run until Monday September 4th!

Photos by Janey Tso

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