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As mid-August rolls around, Canadians from all corners of the country eagerly anticipate one of the most iconic events of the season – the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). The same traditions – entertainment, food, exhibits, and attractions – return with a few new added features to look forward to this year: SuperWheel: North America’s tallest travelling ferris wheel – at over 150 feet- is new to the CNE. Each air-conditioned pod seats four to six people. There’s even a VIP…

Known for their entertaining thrills, live concerts, and dynamic spectaculars, and of course new breath-taking food, 2016 welcomes back Canada’s biggest end-of-summer tradition; the Canadian National Exhibition!

Bub’s Bad Boy Burger ( Bud’s Bad @ss Burgers, Food Building)

Deep fried. On a stick. Stuffed between buns.

Yes, if you didn’t already suspect it, I am alluding to some of the outrageously glorious foods at the CNE this year. It is one of the few places I know whose food conjure equal amounts of disgust and intrigue from.

So, throw caution to the wind (or arm yourself with an antacid), give in and try something you’ll undoubtedly tell your friends about.

As your willing guinea-pig, I sampled and devoured all the fare…