Diner en Blanc, a mysterious and chic pop-up dining event was held at the Canary District on August 18, 2016. Now in its fifth year, the Toronto edition of the event brought together thousands of people for a night filled with food, laughter, music, and dancing at a secret location that was only revealed just a couple of hours before the unveiling of the event.

Part of the allure of the event was the sense of belongingness to something special and exclusive. Guests arrived with their own foldable tables, chairs, and food. For those who preferred to purchase their picnic baskets through the e-store, the Food Dudes provided the catering for the event’s delicious food experience. As a group, endless rows of tables with white table cloths were put together. The tables were filled with various decorative pieces such as lighted candles, floral arrangements, and one guest even brought a 3-tier high tea serving plate. To top this all off, guests all wore their best white fashion forward outfits. Everywhere you turned, female guests were adorned by decorative pieces from floral crowns, tiaras, white masks, to fascinators.


There were many different activities to keep guests entertained throughout the night. During the dinner, a guitarist and a musician playing the accordion swept through the crowds, playing music as they passed by the sea of white tables. On one end of the dinner event was a large floral cage big enough to fit a person. On site was a white cage decorated with white roses hanging down the top. Guests were given a printed photo as a souvenir of the unforgettable night. As you make your way to the middle of the outdoor event, there was a group of violinists seated performing different pieces throughout the evening. On the other end of the event, there was a backdrop filled with large sized white balloons. It was another great photo opportunity as guests were able to pose in front of the backdrop while an automated camera took a series of pictures, creating a short film. Next to this backdrop, there were also two white swings in a lawn area elegantly decorated. It was definitely another picture worthy spot. For those with more of a sweet tooth, two dessert stations by Metro were set up. They served everything from La Rocca white chocolate strawberry cake, carrot cake, vanilla layer cake, mini vanilla cheesecakes to white chocolate mousse cake. There was no doubt something for everyone who loves all things sweet.


Diner en Blanc 2016 was yet another memorable night of high-class outdoors dining that was quite the spectacle for even passerbys, who stopped their cars or their night strolls for an opportunity to take a picture of the elegant picnic unfolding before their eyes. 


Photos by Nick Lee

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