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A secret location; elegance in white; a 29 year old tradition; soiree outdoors – It was an exciting and glamorous evening among good friends and also new acquaintances against the backdrop of Toronto’s beautiful skyline.

Diner en Blanc, a mysterious and chic pop-up dining event was held at the Canary District on August 18, 2016. Now in its fifth year, the Toronto edition of the event brought together thousands of people for a night filled with food, laughter, music, and dancing at a secret location that was only revealed just a couple of hours before the unveiling of the event.

It was another sight to behold as a sea of 2,300 people dressed all in white set up for this year’s edition of Diner en Blanc 2015 in Toronto.

Photo: John Tan

Originating in Paris, France over 25 years ago, Diner en Blanc is a globally-celebrated pop-up dinner party where guests dress in all-white. The 3rd annual Diner en Blanc in Toronto took place last night, September 18, 2014. About 1,400 guests dressed all in white went to various meeting points across the city such as the ROM and Thompson Hotel to board coach buses which took them to the very secret location of the pop-up dinner.

It’s no longer a secret in Toronto that next week will be the 3rd year of the globally-celebrated pop-up dinner party that first originated in Paris, France over 25 years ago.

Growing from last year’s inaugural event, this 2nd iteration of the Diner en Blanc in Toronto had 1,600 participants come together at a secret location for an elegant pop-up picnic all dressed in white. Guests are brought to meet-up points and made aware of the venue at the last hour. It was in a parking lot at Queen Street just east of Church Street. I had recently lived nearby so it was interesting to see familiar grounds turned into a…