As the spring season begins to blossom, Downtown Toronto gives a warming welcome to Kaka All You Can Eat’s second location. Coincidentally, the name “Kaka” was originally based off the Japanese pronunciation of the Sakura Flower though even the owners themselves have recognized that it could be mean something on quite the opposite spectrum of pretty.


This Japanese Mural greets you at the entrance


Despite saluting to this charming joke, this popular Japanese restaurant has established a name for themselves in the GTA by changing the AYCE sushi scene in the last three years. They are prideful in offering a premium twist on sushi matched with premium service. The interior is beautifully polished with wooden accents that seat approximately 150 guests with the inclusion of 2 VIP rooms. On top of having over 100 items to select from – ranging from raw fish to cooked fare like grilled teppanyaki or eel fried rice – both their signature and new menu items are enticing.


This lavish Golden Dust Roll is topped with a melt-in-your-mouth foie gras, torched eel, caviar, and gold flakes

Chef Frank curates a fusion of Japanese and French in his dishes. Each have such differing, yet invigorating flavours, aesthetically-pleasing presentation, and high-quality ingredients. You may be pleasantly surprised to see some non-traditional dishes you may have been unconsciously craving show up at Kaka All You Can Eat. Take for example, the delicious Beef Tataki (with maple soy dressing, lemon crema, green mixed salad, avocado, garlic chips, and crispy shallots) or Fish Taco (with buttermilk spicy crema and pineapple chili salsa). There are a variety of rolls to select from; the maki (seaweed wrapped in rice), aburi nigiri (torched hand shaped sushi), and aburi oshi nigiri (torched pressed sushi). When it comes down to the taste, the fish is undeniably fresh and melts in your mouth. Each of the plates are decorated with unique sauces, such as ume dressing, truffle mayo, or yuzu-miso vinaigrette to name a few, that blow your taste buds away.


The Kaka Special Roll refreshes with fresh salmon, cucumber, kani, uni sauce, tobiko (fish roe), and “Kaka” sauce


Complete with bodacious cocktails and an array of dessert, Kaka All You Can Eat’s distinguishes themselves amongst competition with quite the illustrious experience.

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Photos by Janey Tso

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