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Situated on King East near Jarvis, this new quaint pizzeria envelops the North American’s strive for customization and pursuit of healthier, tastier alternatives. With truly fresh, custom ingredients, it’s a unique take in the crafting of how we’re used to getting pizza.

These beauties will be in the new Hookah Lounge at Kultura

Just in time for Summerlicious which starts today, I was lucky to get the opportunity to sample the new menu at Kultura with their newly-appointed Executive Chef, Daniel Racine. At the same time, by the time you read this Kultura is also launching their new Hookah lounge so guests can enjoy the aromatic and soothing shisha. Good things happening at the Kultura. Check out their menu here including their Summerlicious specials. www.kulturatoronto.com/menu.html ABOUT KULTURA Boasting three floors, four rooms, two…