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Putting an exclamation point near the end of FFWD Advertising Week 2015 on Jan 29, 2015, Ad Ball is always a vibrant industry party bringing together the advertising and marketing industry to let loose after a series of seminars and speaker series. This year it took place once again at Uniun night club.

Last summer, we attended Ubisoft Canada’s launch event for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. This time Ubisoft Canada is launching its next game and next-generation franchise, Watch Dogs.  Fortunately for us, once again Toronto took part in the festivities.

Advertisers, marketers and communication experts (and those just getting into the field) get together in Toronto for ideas and creativity in the industry for the ICA’s “FFWD Advertising & Marketing Week”. With a series of events including galas and awards, it draws in top influencers from companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many more. So “Galaxy” was the theme of this year’s Ad Ball held at Uniun last night and it turns out “ad men” know how to throw…