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“Frilu” brings the downtown Toronto fine-dining experience to Thornhill in an unparalleled 10-course experience in its 28-seater space. Like many fine-dining restaurants, the ambiance is modern and minimalistic, yet has a casual ambiance that has an inviting warm hospitality. Just like the word’s Norweigian origin, “friluftsliv”, meaning one with nature, Frilu combines earthy elements from their leisurely atmosphere (complete with a mossy back wall), and their new fall tasting menu, called Harvest Moon: Changing Leaves.

Teara Lab made a grand entrance on National Burger Day, with their restaurant’s soft opening. This marks Toronto’s very first Japanese-fusion sandwich shop located in the heart of Downtown; situated next to University of Toronto’s St. George Campus.

"Saucy Rib 'Nibblers" made with Ontario lamb ribs, sweet hoisin BBQ sauce, sprinkles of sesame seed and celeriac slaw

The Queen West area and the Gladstone Hotel itself are known to be bustling with art exhibitions, events and live-music, and in that same spirit, the liveliness of the choices in this new menu also come out in that same fashion.