On Oct 21, 2012 join over 130 chefs in possibly the largest one-day culinary soup-based protest in the world.  This delicious event will raise awareness to stop the proposed Highland Companies’ Mega-Quarry north of Toronto.   This follows last year’s sequel to 2011’s Foodstock, where dozens of chefs, farmers and musicians and 28,000 supporters gathered for this cause.

Soupstock will be hosted by the Canadian Chef’s Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation. “While Foodstock was amazing, it only whet our appetite for something even bigger”, says Chef Michael Stadtlander from the Canadian Chefs’ Congress. “Soupstock is going to be the culinary celebration of the year; delicious, huge and truly inspiring.”

All these chefs including Lynn Crawford, Jamie Kennedy, Brad Long and Donna Dooher will volunteer to concoct original gourmet soup creations for Soupstock that specifically celebrate the Melanchton region’s rich agriculture using the donations of local Ontario producers.

“It’s exciting to see our local farmers match the incredible generosity of the chefs by donating fresh ingredients for Soupstock,” says Dr Faisal Moola fom the David Suzuki Foundation. “From beets and bones to potatoes and dairy, these producers are kindly sharing their bounty and making the event a true celebration of local food.”

For only $10 you get 3 servings from the vast choice of chefs serving gourmet soup and you get to be part of an important cause!  Oh and don’t forget to bring your own bowl, spoon and napkin.

To buy tickets and get for more information about the cause visit www.soupstock.ca and follow the movement on Facebook.

You should definitely watch David Suzuki’s personal invitation for you to join Soupstock!


About the Canadian Chefs’ Congress

The Canadian Chefs’ Congress connects chefs to our land in solidarity with farmers, fishers, gardeners, foragers and all artisanal food producers.This biennial gathering of chefs from across Canada reinforces the passion and integrity of Canadian food culture.


About The David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation works with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based research, education and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the change that today’s situation demands.


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