The 3rd Annual Destination Thailand Event is set to take place at Yonge-Dundas Square on September 10 2016. The festivities will be hosted by the Royal Thai Embassy showcasing sensational performances (Muay Thai & Thai dances), hands-on activities (thai massage & crafts), and most of all, vibrant Thai flavours!

Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

The Thai Consulate rewards stars to Thai restaurants via the Thai Select program, which is formatted similar to the Michelin guide. Destination Thailand will have the honour of featuring 8 of these restaurants including: Linda Modern Thai, Bangkok Garden, Golden Thai, Pai, Soi Thai, Patchmon’s Desserts, Thai Noodle and Stratford Thai.

Linda Modern Thai | @lindamodernthai

Modern Beef Salad with Palm Sugar Syrup, Mint, Pickled Onions


Lemongrass Chicken with Sang Gua & Homemade Sriracha

Bangkok Garden | @bangkokgardento

(Left) Vegetarian Emerald Curry | coconut cream, fresh basil, lime leaves, whole chilies and garlic (Right) Toasted Cashew Chicken with Thai spice

Golden Thai | @goldenthai_to

(Left) Massaman Lamb Curry with Rice (Right) Golden Thai Tempeh & Tofu Satay skewers

Pai | @paitoronto

(Left) Moo Nam Tok | North Eastern Thai style grilled pork jowl in a sweet & sour tamarind sauce (Right) Gai Ping | grilled chicken skewer, tamarind, fish sauce, lime juice

Soi Thai | @soithaito

Khao Kha Moo | pork hock stewed in soy-based broth, star anise, cinnamon, cilantro root, garlic, white peppercorns, jasmine rice, blanched gai lan, pickled mustard greens, hard-boiled egg, chilli vinegar sauce

Patchmon’s Thai Desserts | @patchmonthaidesserts

Kha-Nhom Chun | coconut layer cake


(Top Tier) Ta-Goe | pandanus leaf wrapped around young coconut meat, coconut cream, sweet corn, tapioca pearls (Centre) Kha-Tuu | steamed, sundried, pan-fried rice, coconut

The chefs at the Thai Select Restaurants created stimulating dishes like no other; encompassing all flavours of the taste spectrum. Their seasoned curry is balanced with the aroma of a rich coconut milk. The salty seared rice complements the sweetness of tapioca pearls, sweet corn etc. in the dessert. The savoury slices of meat are complemented by a tart vinegar or mint. What surprised me the most was how tender & succulent the lamb, beef, and chicken were.

Even though this was just a glimpse into the upcoming Destination Thailand event, I could feel how passionate Daovipa Leekumjohn, the Thailand Trade Commissioner, and Chef Nuit Regular, the newest Thai Select Ambassador, were in describing the Thai culture, traditions, and gastronomy.

“With the help of the Thai Government Agency and the restaurants of Canada I hope that we can maintain the authenticity of Thai Food in Canada” – Nuit Regular

Thai Select passports will be handed out during the event to be stamped by the food vendors. Stamping at least 5 of the 8 destinations will result in an entry for a chance to win a dinner for 2 for a whole year. Discover for yourself an authentic Thai experience without needing a plane ticket, right here in Toronto!

For More Information:
Instagram: @ThaiSelectCA #destinationthailand
Twitter: @thaiselect_ca
Facebook: /DestinationThailandToronto

Photos by Janey Tso

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