Shinta Japanese Barbeque introduces Toronto’s first All-You-Can-Eat Wagyu beef dining experience, a rare and highly valuable type of beef that is known for having intense marbling and is bred from the Wagyu cattle. With a well-established connection to international Wagyu farmers including the U.S’s award-winning Snake River Farms, Australia, Japan’s Zen-noh and the Japanese Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) group, Shinta BBQ provides a farm-to-table experience with a variety of cuts.

If you’re in on the unlimited wagyu, the Australian Sirloin Steak and US Brisket Short Ribs will be suited to your tastes. For a full Wagyu experience, the “Extra Order” menu offers the Kagoshima Japanese A5 Wagyu, a variety of buttery melt-in-your-mouth cuts of beef, the fatty Australian M6+ Wagyu, or the American Gold grade Wagyu beef that gives a balanced meat to fat ratio.


Australian M6+ grade Wagyu, American Gold grade Wagyu beef from award-winning Snake River Farms, and Kagoshima Japanese A5 Wagyu

The restaurant is owned by Chef Frank Liu and Terry Wang of existing all-you-can-eat favourites along the GTA, such as Kaka AYCE Sushi and Morals Village Hot Pot. The spacious restaurant has modernized polished interior and seats over 250 guests while the windows peer over the Highway 7 in Richmond Hill on the second storey of the building. Each table has a built-in Shinpo ventilated barbeque system, which enables diners to grill their own food without having to endure a smoky environment.


Play with fire without the smoke

Aside from the Wagyu items, there are over 40 different menu items to choose from, including lamb, pork, chicken, and 5 cuts of angus beef. The meats are marinated with bountiful flavour, such as cheese-topped braised short rib or tare sweet soy beef toro. My top pick was the sweetly-marinated prime kalbi short rib the most, where its thin and non-greasy slices made for quick cooking.

I also enjoyed the seasonal offerings exclusive to Shinta, like the New Zealand Lamb Racks, and the Sweet Lemongrass Organic Pork Loin Steak, and the buttered vegetables, like sweet corn and button mushrooms. These appetizers, served in foiled containers, as well as the Clams in Sake provided great dipping sauces for the beef.


New Zealand Lamb Rack

Of course the meal wouldn’t be complete without refreshing drinks, like super fruit tea, strawberry yakult, or watermelon juice to cool down the heat and a Melona popsicle for dessert. All-in-all, Shinta has a fitting name that alludes to the hard-work of cultivating of Wagyu cattle and developing the recipes to bring together friends & family for an enjoyable meal.

Photos by Janey Tso
Unit 37-39, 280, West Beaver Creek Rd
Instagram: @shintabbq
Facebook: /shintabbq

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