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Toronto graffiti artist Elicser Elliott with our Natalie Korol and her personalized kicks

With just one look, so many around the world will recognize your feet, whether you’re in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Buenos Aires or Capetown. Young or old, wealthy or poor, artists, athletes, bankers or high school kids, everyone knows them and, nearly everyone has, or will, at least once in a lifetime, own a pair of these. What makes these shoes so special?

Submissions were accepted and featured at Queen West’s Analogue Gallery for their 4th annual Sound Image Competition, showcasing the magic and soul of rock n’ roll captured in photos. And the winners were announced last week.

Chef Matt Basile with Open Wines at Lisa Marie Restaurant

Open Wines were featured at the #BeOpen dinner party at the Lisa Marie Restaurant on 638 Queen Street West on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015. Open Wines, in concert with Matt Basile of Fidel Gastros food truck and owner of Lisa Marie Restaurant (and from the show Rebel Without a Kitchen on the Cooking Channel), created an intimate wine and food pairing event that hit all the right notes.

Promise yourself to exercise regularly this year because you actually enjoy it, because it gives you a sense of belonging and community, because you’re surrounded by strong and healthy women, and because it’s loads of fun. There aren’t many places that offer this sort of atmosphere for women but there’s Brass Vixens – a pole and aerial fitness studio, that once you get used to the decor, will entice you to get in your element no matter the background, shape…

World MasterCard Fashion Week came and went with a bang, and we caught some special moments and lots of smiles.

From October 20th to the 25th, David Pecaut Square was transformed into a marvelous dizzy of fashion elite, bloggers, buyers, celebs, consumers and everyone in between. Both in and outside the tent, there was amazing style to be spotted.

It’s evident that Toronto loves Frank & Oak from the pop-up shops they’ve had and also the online shopping community. Now we can rejoice as the F&O Toronto flagship store has officially opened today. Here’s a few photos from the opening party Thursday, November 13th.

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