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Lambretta Pizzeria is an inviting restaurant which offers Italian dishes with simplicity and flavour in Roncesvalles (Roncy) village. Celina Blanchard, veteran restaurateur for over twenty years, took over the space after purchasing it from Alessandro Settimi (of the now shuttered Mad Italian Gelato).

On a Saturday afternoon, we ventured out to the Southwest-end of Toronto and met with Bria Weaver, the owner of Food Nook Tours. She welcomed us into Roncesvalles (aka Roncy) the home of the Hairspray movie set and the world’s first hairless cat.

Smoked Crispy Chicken Hearts with Cauliflower Purée, Ancho Chili Oil, Smoked Pecans

Recently opened in the Queen and Roncesvalles area, Mata Petisco Bar is run by of a team of 5 for the love of South American food.