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It was truly an honour to be asked to take photos of a special wedding for a young couple. The groom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, given only months left to live at the young age of 27.

Needless to say I agreed without hesitation at the amazing opportunity to capture this special occasion.

When I heard I had the opportunity to partake in a Pass The Table dining experience, I immediately downloaded their app to see what was available. The Pass The Table app lets one discover and book unique and off the menu dining experiences, taking place as limited seatings in restaurants or in unique venues like the boutiques, breweries, and even chefs’ homes. While all of the options looked interesting, there was one that immediately jumped out at me …

Surely one of the finest and most memorable cocktail hours I’ve attended, Bombay Sapphire invited a select few media to experience the Cinq a Sept happy hour at a whole new level with cocktails in the sky.

What an incredible day at Cabana Pool Bar to kick off the summer.

Poolside at Viamede Resort

I was one of the lucky people who got an opportunity to check out the newly-renovated Viamede Resort last weekend just before this upcoming Victoria Day long weekend. Being not even two hours drive away from Toronto near Peterborough, you get a great view of quiet and peaceful Stoney Lake with no sign of civilization. Fresh air can seem almost endless out here, dare I say.

Picture this – you’re on a ship travelling across the ocean and a storm hits. You and your shipmates get shipwrecked on a deserted island. Everyone is in a panic, but not you – you’re cool, calm, and collected. Someone suggests making a giant S.O.S. in the sand, but you suggest building a triangle instead, because you know that the triangle is actually the international sign of distress. You also know to light a fire at each point of the…

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