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Happy Macaron Day, Toronto! We got ours! Did you? Find your nearest participating location!

It was a cold, cold Sunday March 3rd for the sold-out foodie event at Evergreen Brick Works.  There were a few heat lamps and long, long lines for virtually every booth.  La Carnita tacos stole the show with the most outrageous line at the event.  Many vendor booths closed up and sold out by 7:30pm or so.  I managed to have an amazing pork and caramelized onion sandwich from Fidel Gastro’s which was delicious and worth the wait. Tromba Tequila…

Hosted by Colin Mochrie with a surprise performance by Jully Black there was a massive lineup for free Oreo cookies and milk provided by Natrel.  Happy 100th birthday, Oreo!

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