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Cafeteriá, is the newest Mexican resto of the 6-restaurant chain, Mas Playas owned by Dave Sidhu. You may be familiar with Playa Cabana Cantina, Hacienda, La Libre, Barrio Coreano, and Cocina Economica already, but with the launch of this 8 month project, the theme of Cafeteriá is more close to home and focused on different regions of their Mexican heritage in a formal manner.

Win two tickets to Respect the Agave with the new Siempre Tequila

As part of the celebrations of new tequila brand, Siempre Tequila, by Toronto-based founders Alex and Monica will be hosting an exclusive tequila bartending competition called “Respect The Agave” next week. The event will feature Siempre-inspired hors d’oeuvres by Underground Chef Co. with entertainment by DJ Young Mase.

You can still buy tickets but we’re giving away tickets to one lucky winner!

On Tuesday, May 26, we visited Los Colibris in Toronto’s Entertainment District for a private tasting of Casa Sauza‘s portfolio of tequilas, paired with culinary creations from the restaurant. We began with some tequila based cocktails and some Mexican hors d’oeuvres, and then it was on to the main dining room for the tasting.

Cocina Economica is the fifth in the family of Playa Cabana restaurants, following the successes of the original Playa Cabana (and adjoining patio La Libre), Cantina, Hacienda, and Barrio Correano, two of which we visited recently in the last year. Cocina Economica is the first Playa Cabana to open on the east side, in the heart of Toronto’s Corktown district.

With patio season at our doorsteps, Proximo Spirits Canada wanted to usher in the summer in style by hosting an exclusive tequila tasting at El Catrin in the Distillery District on May 27th. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted with a refreshing glass of margarita.

UPDATE: Congrats to Fonda Lola and Tequila Tromba for getting into the Guinness Book of World Records! @TequilaTromba & @fondalola did it ? A Guinness record for largest tequila tasting? Si ! Cc : @CRTequila #tequila pic.twitter.com/DHiWeexMXB — Andres (@andres_tequila) April 2, 2014 Tequila Tromba and the upcoming new Mexican restaurant, Fonda Lola, hosted the attempt for World’s Largest Tequila Tasting to be added to the Guinness World Records. Taking place at 99 Sudbury, guests could sample a flight of…

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