Author: Natalie Korol

Winter running workout

Welcome to the fall season! With rain and a few final big running races on the horizon, many running enthusiasts have a difficult time maintaining their training schedule. I’ve been there and would steer everyone clear of embracing the Thanksgiving, Halloween and all the other holiday food coma by combining it with new, exciting and unique ways of keeping your running steady, even when the weather isn’t the greatest.

On August 27, Paddle Royale not only exceeded their goal of making a significant impact on the lives of many children and youth who are waiting for a mentor but also exceeded the expectations of many by throwing a summer party to remember at the Steam Whistle Brewery.

Sometimes we become complacent and forget how culturally rich, invigorating and active Toronto truly is. It’s incredibly refreshing and inspirational to be reminded of the hidden gems that may be right around the corner from your home or office. The best way to find out, is to see your community from the eyes of a newcomer or tourist, who’s more likely to wonder, explore and try new things.

Many companies and organizations talk about empowering millennials to be creative thinkers, game changers, leaders, and adventurers rather than settle for status quo. However, if you are a GenY leader with an idea, and are looking for feedback, suggestions, and maybe even a tiny bit of funding, many companies tend to come up short. Even less common, is when a company actively sets out to inspire and empower Gen Y to get creative with their entrepreneurial ideas, educate them on…

On Friday, June 26 starting at 8pm, you’re going to mingle with many likeminded young spirits who are not only into having fun on a Friday night but also support one of the world’s top pediatric hospitals, SickKids. And chances are, your friends are going to this event already! The All-Star Gala’s Facebook page already has 1,200 confirmed attendees so there’s no need to wait, purchase a $125 ticket here because it’s a steal for what you get.

Do you turn to Google for health and medical expertise versus booking a doctor’s appointment? I often wonder why that’s the case and realize that although convenience certainly plays a role, it’s also about having a positive relationship with a doctor or a health specialist, which is tough to come by! We like Google because it’s non-judgmental, comfortable, quick, easy, and convenient. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could establish such a friendly relationship with a health specialist? I might…

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