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Ontario harvest brisket burger

On February 17th we attended Winter Provisions – a private seasonal food and drink popup presented by Provisions Catering and Events. It was an event intended to showcase the Provisions artisan menu from executive chef and co-owner Kevin Castonguay, formerly of Grace restaurant.

Photo: John Tan

I love Italian food. What makes Italian food so appealing to me is the philosophy behind Italian cuisine – a focus in highlighting local, in-season ingredients using traditional techniques that are executed well. When I heard that a new Italian restaurant was opening in King West, headed by Chef Luca Stracquadanio, formerly of Terroni LA, naturally I was excited. On Friday, November 14th, Nick and I had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Ovest Cucina e Vineria.

Beef Shin BBQ | Photo: John Tan

Just before TIFF, America Restaurant opened in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, halfway up the Trump Hotel Toronto on the 31st floor. Formerly Stock Restaurant, it was reborn through the partnership of INK Entertainment and Oliver & Bonancini Restaurants, undergoing a complete transformation in less than two weeks. On Thursday, November 6th, we were invited to discover the tastes that America had to offer.

Basil Hayden's, Jim Beam Devil's Cut, Knob Creek Straight Bourbon, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve | Photo: John Tan

On October 29th, we were fortunate to attend an intimate bourbon tasting, featuring a selection of Jim Beam bourbons. And what better place to have this tasting than at Aft Kitchen & Bar, a neighbourhood restaurant in Queen East specializing in classic comfort food.

Pork Ribs | Photo: John Tan

If you’re like me, Monday is your most dreaded day of the week. You’re recovering from a weekend that just passed, and the next weekend seems like ages away. Now you have a reason to look forward to Mondays – #GBDMondays at The Carbon Bar. What’s GBD? Golden, brown, delicious – a special bar menu available at the Carbon Bar every Monday.

Market Paella | Photo: John Tan

Market St. – the small street beside the world renowned St. Lawrence Market – has had a renaissance in the last few months. Several years of revitalization culminated this year with the opening of many new dining spots in this newly reborn strip. At its the northernmost end, you’ll find Barsa Taberna – a restaurant whose concept is inspired by the dining culture in Barcelona.

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